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Welcome to the Venison Valley Hunt Club website!

The purpose of this website is to keep the members of the VVHC up-to-date with the latest hunting trip plans, scouting trips and trip reports.  There are also pages dedicated to showing off trophies and remembering the good ol' days.  The picture above was taken during the 2000 gun hunting season at "The Cabin" in Houghton Lake, MI.  It was a great year!!

This year Opening Day of Bow season in Michigan is on a Wednesday (October 1st, 2003) and Opening Day of Gun is on a Saturday (November 15th, 2003).  No deer have been taken recently by the VVHC during the bow season, although there have been a few near misses.  Hopefully rifle season will be a different story.  Several of the VVHC members are shooting in a summer 3D archery league to get ready for the season.  Hopefully all of the arrows they shoot will pay off with gut piles this fall!

The VVHC will again call Houghton Lake our headquarters for 2003.  Since last hunting season the basement at the Cabin has been finished.  Drywall, drop ceiling, carpet/tile on the floor, etc.  It is AWESOME and we are all anxiously looking forward to using the new facilities!  

The location for this year's hunt is still unknown.  We are having a planning meeting on Monday, Sept. 8th to discuss possible areas, scouting plans, rifle sight-in day(s), who will be attending this season, meal plans, etc.  Steve has shown an interest in hunting "the Jordan" behind the potato field. We'll see what comes out of the meeting. We figure that with our luck in the Jordan in the past, and the fact that we've given it a rest for a few years, we can still pull bucks out of the area.  There is always plenty of scrapes and sign (especially down "Ricks Road"), so we may give it another go this year.  Only time will tell.......

I look forward to updating the site after the bow and rifle seasons are over.  I'm sure that there will once again be grand tales of whitetail pursuit to be told by all.  I can't wait to hear them!


Fred Bear.


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